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T3K Recordings is here to bring you more
stuff from the three German collaborators
called Rune, Kaiza and Elok. After they
recently released the first two tracks on
Kaiza`s imprint you can get hold of more stuff
without paying for it now.
Please also check out "Syne" and "Escape" by
Rune and Kaiza in all mp3 shops as well and
dont forget to prepare for the debut EP by
Immersion ("Mechanize EP") which is out
now on this label, too!


New kid on the block Immersion stepping
up with a techy four tracker called
"Mechanize EP". This german youngster
is now catching your attention with
heavy bass, sharp saws and neat drums
plus superb arpeggio leads and deep atmos.
these tracks are definitely worth a listen
and his name can be kept in mind for more
quality stuff in the near future. No doubt!


Of course you can browse the following links to check out T3K Recordings on various platforms.


Get some merch or shirts:

Check out digital releases and mp3 shops:

Follow the label and its artists on social networks and music platforms:
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